Strictly speaking there are few rules when you go the spa, although in reality there is a level of decorum that all spa-goers and therapists expect of each other. So to make it easy for you and avoid any possible Faux pas we spell out what you really should try not to do here.

Don’t be late.

If you have booked in at a day spa or salon, It’s best to arrive a good 15 minutes ahead of your treatment time. This will allow enough time to arrive, park and hopefully relax so that you can start your treatment feeling calm. Most spa locations put a lot of thought into how to create the right ambience for their guests, many will have an area you can wait in, sip a glass of water and take some time to acclimatise. If you are visiting a hotel or destination spas give yourself more time to check in and/or fill out paperwork , be shown round the facilities, find the changing rooms and get changed.

Don’t be smelly.

For all treatments, try to arrive freshly showered or get there in time to shower at the spa. You wouldn’t want to distract your massage therapist with stinky feet. If you have booked in for a facial, don’t arrive with bad breath – your Therapist will be leaning over your face and will be right in the line of your breath for the duration of your treatment! So chew some gum or have some mints before you arrive for sweet-smelling breath.

Don’t be loud.

During relaxation treatments, like massage or aromatherapy, try keeping chitchat to a quiet minimum. It can be distracting for your Therapist who needs to focus and concentrate on delivering an amazing spa treatment, and continually jabbering on may stop you reaching a truly relaxed state. If you are visiting a spa with the girls, it’s natural that you are going to want to have a good gossip – but keep the chat volume down and save it for the communal areas only.

Don’t be a no-show .

This is the worst faux-pas possible. Most salons and spas operate to a 24-hour cancellation policy. They will often take a credit card number or voucher ID so that if you don’t show up, you might be charged. Sometimes you may have no option but to cancel an appointment – if this is the case make sure you let the spa know as soon as possible, and accept the cancellation charge with good grace.

Don’t go changing.

Almost as bad as cancelling at the last minute is changing your mind about which treatment you want to have. Some Therapists specialise in types of therapies and some treatment rooms have specific equipment for certain treatments and may need specific preparation. Its bad form to turn up and change from one treatment to another, it catches the spa off guard, wastes their time and may mean that you a end up disappointed and can’t have the treatment you wanted.

Don’t arrive full.

If you have booked a day spa or salon visit in your lunch hour at work – try and eat or drink after the treatment. When you lie down after a heavy meal all your blood will flow to your stomach . That’s not a good recipe for a successful massage. Equally don’t drink too much before you go as you may need to keep nipping out to the Ladies which would be really disruptive to the treatment.

Don’t rush off or operate heavy machinery directly after your visit.

Give yourself plenty of time after your treatment to ‘resurface’ before you go back to your desk or operate heavy machinery (!). A good massage or facial can be a deeply relaxing experience, so much so that you may feel slightly spaced-out. That’s a good thing and shows that you have had a wonderful treatment. So make sure you allow time to get back to normal before you jump in your car or give a presentation to The Board.