Christmas gift for teachers

Once we hit December and edge closer to the end of the Autumn term, thoughts turn to the question of what the Christmas gift for your children’s’ primary school teachers. It can be stressful thinking about the right gift to give, should it be something to keep, something useful, something to eat or drink? What would teachers like to be given as a Christmas gift, what do they need and also what don’t they like – and what gifts should be avoided?

Choosing the correct gift to give to nursery and primary school teachers can become quite competitive and stressful, and can create playground tension and jealously – and that just among the parents.

Give collectively

Some classes organise collections that parents can opt into so that a gift is given from the class as whole. One intention of doing this is to remove that element of competition; it can put everyone on the same level and take away the question of who gave the best/most expensive gift… But then what happens in practice is that not all parents choose to join in the class collection which then causes resentment from those who have contributed or worse still, parents contribute to the class collection AND give an individual gift – which means choosing the perfect teachers Christmas gift is simply a minefield.

Some schools take a radical step and ban any end of year or Christmas gifts – this can certainly take away the element of competition, but then can also be really restrictive when there is a inspiring and brilliant teacher who you would really like to say thank you to.

So if you are looking for a great Christmas gift for a teacher here are our top Dos and Don’ts


  • Mugs – most teachers have more mugs then they could ever possibly use – avoid at all costs
  • Nick knacks and ornaments – so easy to get wrong and can be really hard choosing something that would suit their taste.
  • Avoid anything that a teacher could be allergic to – that includes food, wine cosmetics or smellies – too risky.
  • Nothing that is pre-printed with THANK YOU TEACHER on it – just too commercial and impersonal.


  • Do give a card with a hand written message to say thank you – be specific and include an example of how that teacher has made a difference to your child
  • If your child is able to write, ask them to write a personal message to the teacher – it will come from the heart and be very touching.
  • All teachers love to be given new school supplies and gorgeous stationary –anything to make lesson planning and marketing work more fun. They would really appreciate – new markers, lovely sharpies, marking pens. Funky Post it notes, blank cards, stickers, notebooks and list. Useful gadgets like electric pencil sharpeners and giant erasers will always be a big hit.
  • Commission a personalised stamp that the teacher can use when marking books – “Mrs Smith says great work!” Or just a simple “Well done!” stamp.
  • Gift cards and gift vouchers are the perfect Christmas Gifts for teachers. They are always appreciated as they give an element of choice and let the recipient choose exactly how, when and where to spend their gift.
  • Teachers love gift cards for spa days, pampering treats or for coffee or lunch out, and gift vouchers for beauty treatments, trips to the cinema, or experiences are always much-loved by teachers