Hands up if last year you got to the end of the Christmas period and were sick of fancy meals, drinking and eating too much and just wanted to relax and chill?  Many of us reach New Year and make resolutions because the Christmas period has been so tiring and we have overindulged.  But this year, why not consider dropping a family meal or a night out and replace it with a spa day instead?

Relax together

Christmas is a time of busyness and we are often going from one event to another.  This take a toll on our systems and leaves us run down and often more susceptible to catching those irritating cold bugs that are always around.  But by replacing that meal or night out with a spa session, you can relax together with your friends or family members.  The calmness and serenity of a spa can’t be beaten and the range of treatments available mean there is always something for everyone.

Combat makeup fatigue

All those nights dressed up and wearing makeup can have a negative effect on your skin and make outbreaks more likely.  By using a spa day with skin treatments, you can combat skin fatigue from all that makeup and help your skin get back to its best.  If you are experiencing a lack of sleep or too many late nights, then the treatment can also help deal with those tired eyes or sallow looking skin.

Physical Recharge & Boost

Christmas isn’t a sport but sometimes all that rushing around, grabbing presents can feel like a marathon! Or one too many toy scrums to get the latest thing that the kids will be devastated not to receive on Christmas day can leave the joints aching and sore.  Spa treatments can be great for helping to deal with these problems and ensure you are back to your best for the New Year.

Mental Recharge

Perhaps you work in a job where Christmas is the busiest time of the year and on top of all that shopping for your friends and family, you are at max for your working hours.  Then a spa can be a way to relax physically but also mentally.  When we are very busy, our minds are in over-drive and this can lead to problems sleeping.  Once the sleep cycle goes, we start to feel drained and tired and lack the energy to complete the day.  Break the cycle with a spa day and make it through the Christmas period in good form.

It’s fun!

You probably don’t need reminding but a spa day with friends or family is great fun!  Catch up on the latest gossip, listen to other’s problems to assist them and just have a laugh.  When you are relaxed and enjoying the various treatments on offer, this is all so much better.  So why not treat yourself and your loved ones this Christmas and celebrate the festive season in style!

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