Buying presents for everyone at Christmas can be a rollercoaster – you have the people that are easy to buy for and then you have the ones who are more of a challenge.  If there’s one thing almost everyone enjoys, it’s a day filled with pampering and relaxation and this means that spa vouchers are always the most welcome luxury Christmas gift, especially for those hard-to-buy-for people!

Show them you care

Whether you are buying a spa voucher for your partner, a family member or a friend, it shows you care.  Vouchers are easy to buy and can often be arranged online within a few minutes, with options to have the vouchers posted to you to give as a gift or sent by email – adding to the convenience if you don’t see the person over the festive season.

Choose the treatments that suit

Unless you regularly attend spa days with the person, it can be tricky to establish what they like and don’t like without giving the game away.  Spa vouchers are a great way for someone to enjoy the best of pampering treatments that are suited to what they like, whereas buying a specific treatment runs the risk of being something that doesn’t suit their tastes.   It is also an ideal way to surprise them as you don’t need to do any research beforehand.

Relax after the chaos of Christmas

There are lots of reasons that Christmas is the busiest time of the year.  It may be the person works in retail where things are chaotic at the festive season.  Or it might be that they do a lot of charity work over the Christmas period.  For others, doing things with their kids is very satisfying and fun but can leave you feeling drained come New Year.  Therefore, a spa voucher is a Christmas present that will be ideal for them to recuperate after the exertion and build themselves back up for the New Year ahead.

Work with your budget

Christmas is expensive for the majority of us and while we would all like to spend a fortune on everyone in our lives, it often isn’t possible.  Spa vouchers allow you to control what you spend and work within your budget while still getting a special present for that individual.  You can even club together with others, for a work colleague for example, to get a bigger present than you would on your own.

Last minute solutions

Because vouchers can usually be sent by email and then printed yourself, they are a great last minute solution.  We’ve all done it – made a list of people to buy for and then on 23rd December, realised we forgot someone.  The shops are manic with very little left in them so what do you do?  Go online and order a spa voucher that will then be emailed to you and solves the problem in a matter of minutes.  You get a special present that doesn’t require you to go anywhere apart from your computer.

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