Here is our selection of Mother’s Day gifts that we think Mums everywhere would simply love to be given.

Something home-baked

There’s something really touching about being cooked for. It takes thought and effort and a fair degree of risk… We came across a delicious sounding Ruhubarnb and Custard sponge cake on the Lucy Loves Blog. Follow the link to get full instructions and plenty of pictures about how to make this tempting confection –

Something thoughtful and personal

A gift that is bespoke to you and your family makes a very touching gesture. Hurley Burley is run by a group of local mums who source their gift collection themselves. They offer a wonderful range of personalised luxury jewellery and accessories that make treasured bespoke gifts.

Time together

Sometimes its hard to find time to spend some quality time with your Mum – other than ‘high days and holy days’ One way round that is to plan and prepare a couple of days out together. Here are a few ideas – arrange to go for a special afternoon tea together, book up tickets to the theatre to see a show or a play that she’d love or why not arrange an outing to mega-shopping mall a Designer Shopping Outlet followed by a restful manicure or indulgent lunch. Arranging some outings throughout the year ahead of will mean that you prioritise time together and get to enjoy some wonderful experiences together.

Say it with flowers!

Who doesn’t love flowers? Most mums I know adore being given flowers. So why not take it one step further and make it a longer lasting gift by gifting a membership to a regular flower delivery company. Freddies Flowers offers exactly that – just like being sent a bouquet of flowers every week!

Some Pampering…

What Mother would say no to the chance to escape to a spa or beauty salon for some delicious pampering time? You could book up a spa and treatment and hope that its what she wants or if you are worried about choosing the wrong place or treatment why not give a Lavish voucher – then she can pick exactly how to be pampered – perfect!