When the Christmas period is finished, we often have that sigh of relief – things can calm down and get back to normal.  But then the January blues come along where we feel like nothing is happening, the weather is lousy and we never go anywhere or do anything.  A traditional way to banish to blues is through a spa treatment and this is why spa vouchers are a popular Christmas gift.

There is nothing better for relaxation than a day, weekend or even week at the spa and there are often a lot of treatments on offer, some you will be familiar with an others you may not have heard of. If you are heading to a Spa to banish the January Blues this month then perhaps as it is the New Year it is also time to try something new at the Spa.

Take a look at some of these new, unique or unusual spa treatments heading to a treatment room near you soon…

Thermal baths

Thermal baths are strictly speaking a new treatment because they have been around for a very long time but the benefits for healing and restoring the body have become recognised in recent years.  Places like Bath as well as the Desert Hot Springs in California and areas in Tuscany, Italy have all seen a regeneration in people wanting to enjoy their benefits.  Some resorts even offer extras such as drinking the spa waters with breakfast for a thorough cleansing visit.

Naga Massage

Naga is a massage treatment that has evolved from Thai massage and is aimed at releasing tension as well as restoring balance and harmony to the body.  The treatment involves a therapist suspending themselves above you using coloured silk strands and then applying pressure to massage and shifting their weight to achieve this.  It is ideal for deeper muscle work.

Tok Sen Massage

Tok Sen is another style of Thai massage that is said to have begun by farmers who needed some work on their bodies after hard day’s in the paddy fields.  A wooden hammer and mallet is used and tapped with a steady staccato rhythm that creates vibrations.  It is said to be effective for those suffering from chronic pain disorders.

Aura Imaging

Aura imaging uses light-sensitive photography to find your aura.  After it has been photographed, the therapist applies an exfoliating and detoxifying clay body wrap along with music, light, heat and aromatherapy with the aim of balancing the senses and the body.  Another photo is taken afterwards to show the result of the changes.


Feldenkreis is a somatic education system that uses therapeutic movements to learn the body to move in ways that are easier and result in an improved physical and mental function.  It uses principles from physics and biomechanics to improve general patterns rather than just to treat an illness or injury and those who have used it also say it can train the nervous system to find new pathways around areas with injury or damage.

Beer Baths

Bet you could get a lot of men to sign up for this one, until they learn they aren’t drinking but sitting in the bath full of beer!  A new treatment that is popular across Eastern Europe, beer baths focus on the hops in the beer that are great for exfoliating the body.  You then rinse off with hot water and more beer – though you do get to sip a glass of lager as well while you sit through the therapy.