You know that you need a spa break, but getting someone to come with you can be a hard challenge. We think that a spa day is easy to justify, but if you need to convince someone, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of reasons to get your next treat booked!

  1. It doesn’t have to be a blow out

We’re all for a day of complete VIP treatment and feeling like a superstar, but we still think a spa day doesn’t have to come in the luxury category per say.  There are thousands of spas in the UK, and like any product or service, there are plenty of different spas for your price range. If you think a spa break is all about the champagne, afternoon tea and a room for the night, maybe think outside the box and consider a spa day, or a treatment session.


Many spas offer a policy allowing use of their facilities for the whole day when you book treatments, allowing you to use the sauna, steam room and pool areas at no extra cost.


If you’re wondering what an average cost is, that depends on your area. Location, length and type of treatment as well as any extras such as food & drink can all affect what you pay. Sometimes, it may be worth looking around your area and investigating travel costs further out to a property a few more miles away to take advantage of a good deal. It’s also well worth looking into different dares. If you can be flexible on the dates you can get last minute deals. It’s also a top tip to look at the times spa look to bring in new clients – Valentine’s day, end of Summer and towards the Winter period.

  1. Support your friendships with a real catch up

When was the last time you had a real catch up that wasn’t interrupted by a phone, chores or work? Friendship is a crucial element in protecting our mental health.

A study published in the Annals of Behavioural Medicine in 2007 revealed that young men and women who discussed difficult parts of their lives had a lower pulse and blood pressure when a supportive friend accompanied them. Friendship is an important factor in our physical health, but what effects does it have on our mental health?

Another 2009 study from the Journal of the National Medical Association surveyed 300 men and women and found that respondents with insufficient perceived social support were the most likely to suffer from mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.

Of course, you can talk anywhere, but do you make the time for it? Discounting phones and internet technology, making one on one time is sadly rarer than ever. A spa day sounds like something selfish, but making time for a friend is something that can have a real impact on both your lives.

  1. Your best ideas come when you’re relaxed

It sounds cliché to say you’re stressed, but a growing number of us are failing to balance our ever-busy lives and this is having a real impact on our wellbeing.

Daily stress can take a toll on both physical and mental health and studies show that various forms of relaxation can help reduce many chronic health concerns as well as restore energy and encourage a more positive sense of self.

Whilst this relaxation should be daily – meditation. Yoga and deep breathing will all help, a day at a spa can help reset your mind and bring real clarity and indeed – better creativity.

That’s right, a spa day can help you get more from your working life.

It may seem counter-intuitive to take a whole day off for a massage or a treatment, but scientists studying brain scans recently discovered that moments of creativity take place when the mind is at rest rather than working on something.

That means that the go, go, go attitude may be damaging your work output. Taking a bit of time off can have great results.

The science is pretty sound – the brain’s creative areas fire when dopamine is released in our brains and as well as exercising, listening to music and warm showers, massages and time spent relaxing can all contribute.


  1. They make ideal gifts

A spa day is the ideal way to say thanks to someone in your life. That’s why so many businesses are now offering spa breaks to their employees and partners – either through reward platforms or simply buying direct. Instead of taking someone out for a meal or buying a present that might not be quite right, a spa break is the perfect gift for many people regardless of age, gender or location. If you need a spa break. Chances are someone else in your life could also do with a bit of down time. Why not do the hard part and book for them, or pick up a voucher?


  1. It’s an act of self-care


Some days it can be a great feeling to lounge about in the house in your saggiest, baggiest items of clothing – but do it for too long and you can start to feel a bit saggy and baggy yourself.

SUNY Buffalo’s School of Social Work defines self-care as “activities and practices that we can engage in on a regular basis to reduce stress and maintain and enhance our short- and longer-term health and well-being.”



In short, self-care, which may sound a little cheesy is all about doing the things that can help boost your sense of self and your self-esteem. This obviously leads to wider improvements, perhaps in your work, relationships or other areas of your life, so whilst it may seem like something that doesn’t matter, that nail treatment, grooming session or exfoliation can actually kickstart some great changes in your life.


We hope this has convinced you (or your significant other) that it’s actually in everyone’s best interests to get ahead with the booking of a spa day, treatment or spa break. If it’s time for you to make the all-important booking, jump over to homepage and search for the treatment you need in the area closest to you.