Our Corporate Clients

We have partnered with many Business Partners and Corporate Clients who have chosen to offer Lavish Spa, Beauty & Wellness Gift cards for Customer Loyalty Programmes, Employee Reward and Incentive Schemes and as prizes for special promotional and recruitment campaigns.

Why choose Lavish Gift Cards? 

One thing that can make your incentive scheme a success is to choose a reward with broad appeal to suit many people in your organisation.

The many benefits of choosing Lavish Gift Cards are…

Desirable & Sought after

To reward with the gift of wellness is powerful. Your team get the chance to relax, de-stress and revive with a Lavish gift card.


Lavish Gift cards are fully flexible – the recipient gets to choose exactly when and where  to enjoy using their gift.  Our monetary gift card can be redeemed at any spa or salon throughout the UK that is included in our portfolio.

Accepted Nationwide

Lavish Gift Cards are accepted nationwide, at a choice of hundreds of gorgeous salons and salons, including some well-known spa brands – the recipients are sure to find the perfect place to take some time out to relax and revive.

Range of Denominations

Lavish Gift Cards are available in any value from £5 - £250 in both sterling and euro. We can supply a physical card, or an e-code. Orders can be placed via API, or daily file

Customised with your branding

Lavish Gift Cards and E-Gifts can be branded with your colours or logo, so that they are consistent with your corporate branding.

Eco Friendly and Instant

As well as offering a physical gift card (plastic free) which is presented in a gift wallet, we can send an E-Gift code to the recipient, with a personalised message.

Fast Delivery, bespoke service

We offer a simple and hassle-free service with fast delivery options. We can work with you on bespoke requirements and can customise and personalise each order. Discounts are available on bulk orders.

They are a simple and easy solution when you are looking for an incentive that works for teams that located in many different regions in the UK.

We even have a wellness partner that brings wellness into the home, so ideal for those working from home that find it challenging to visit a venue.

Get in touch

If find out more about Lavish Gift Cards drop an email to orders@lavish.co.uk 

Or call +44 7593 877256

We look forward to working with you!