Is Mother’s Day all getting a bit predictable? Is the ‘Mothering-Sunday-Roast-Dinner-at-a-pub’ getting as commercial these days as the ‘Dinner-for-two-with-a-red-rose’ these days?

How to say Thanks Mum!

So what is the ideal way to mark this special day and say ‘Thank you’ to the Mums out there? Mums are very busy people, they are usually rushing around, multi-tasking and more often than not put themselves and their needs last. The antidote is to find a way to give them some calm, some space and some time to themselves.

Finding that calm could well be having a quiet tidy house to them selves for the day, it could be a chance to spend time with friends, or go for a walk in the countryside. Perhaps a couple of hours to escape in a good book, or to read the Sunday papers from cover to cover. Mums of young kids may relish an interruption-free long soak in the bath, a chance to get away from busy family life, perhaps even escape to a spa for some proper rest and relaxation.

For me as a Mum of two teenage kids, my ideal gift would simply be the chance to spend some time together. A dinner or a day out with my family – without interruption, stresses, contention or screens would be wonderful.

A Mother’s Day to remember

One Mother’s Day when I was about 10 years old, I woke up with the sinking realisation that I had forgotten to buy a Mother’s Day gift. I was the type of kid that always intended to be good, tried best to be a good Brownie and listened hard to the stories at Sunday School. But somehow my good intentions seemed to always veer off course. So at the age of 10 being good was important to me.

The guilt I felt at having forgotten my mum was immense and, panic stricken I started to hatch a plan. Later at breakfast I proudly presented a homemade certificate with the felt-tipped promise to do the washing up after EVERY Sunday Roast for a whole year. (This was before dishwashers were found in most kitchens) My Mum was a bit taken a back and laughed at the gesture, which made me all the more determined to follow through – so I didn’t slack and made sure I kept my promise for the whole year.

These days it seems that my own family life, the whirlwind of school sports fixtures, teenage social lives and other commitments, often get in the way of seeing my parents. As they are in their late seventies, they are starting to slow down, and making the two-hour journey to come to visit just seems too over-whelming for them. So, for Mother’s Day we will travel to them and will be taking the Sunday lunch with us. I am hoping that this year, it will be one of my kids who offer to do the washing up!