You’re all ready for a day at the spa. You’ve used your Lavish voucher and you’ve packed your best loungewear. But stop before you put a foot wrong. We asked our customers for some spa faux pas they’ve seen. You have been warned!


Don’t talk too freely…

We all love a catch up at the spa but be careful where you do it! Corinne, an HR Manager from London had a surprise when she saw someone she had interviewed in the steam room.

“She didn’t notice or recognise me – I guess I look quite different off duty! She proceeded to talk about her interview and how the company was a stop gap for her for a month or two and she also had some interesting things to say about my colleague’s appearance, which were very cruel. We were still in the first stage of interview selection – funnily enough – she didn’t get picked for round two.”


Don’t be too friendly

Making friends at a spa is something we all love to do – a day out in high spirits leads us to meet more people outside of our usual groups. However, watch you don’t offend anyone!

Claire, an Assistant Retail Manager from Belfast told us about the time she was happily chatting away in the changing rooms to a lady who said they were looking forward to their massage. “I said that I too had really loved my pre-natal massage and that they would love it, and so would baby.  She just looked at me blankly, before a flash of upset crossed her face. I

tried to backpedal and make out I was talking in general about massages and IF someone was pregnant it was great, as well as for people like us who aren’t – but to no avail, I had just put my foot in it and we both knew it.  I felt sick the rest of the day and made it my mission to avoid them in the pool and loungers– only to see them again just as they came out of their (not prenatal) treatment.  I still cringe thinking about it.”


Don’t rush

Elliot from Manchester told us about the benefits of checking you’ve got everything before you head for a shower. “I took my basket which had flip flops and a towel in it, lobbed it all in the locker, minus the towel and headed to the shower. I had a great time, until I came to dry myself and realised I had grabbed a hand towel which was about the size of a large flannel, meaning I had to enjoy a walk of shame to my locker, covering my dignity with my hands.”


Do check the signs

Louise from Sandy told us about her misdirection mishap when she accidentally took a wrong turn.

“I was at a spa in Nottingham and had come out of the shower and didn’t have my glasses on. After a massage and then a prosecco I was pretty lightheaded and wasn’t really with it. I remembered I had come in a set of stairs, so I went back down to where I thought the lockers were in my towel, my hair dripping everywhere. Suddenly, I’m sandwiched in a full glass walkway between the gym and the café, in full view of everyone who’s come down for the day, dripping water all over the carpet as people look at me like I’ve lost my mind. Brilliant.”