If you are hovering over your phone or laptop, hunting down local spas and hotels, cross referencing the treatments on offer, digging around for local beauty deals as a gift for a friend or even a colleague or employee – STOP! Have you considered a Spa gift card as an alternative to a spa day?

Here at Lavish we know that not everyone knows the right areas, venues or packages to give someone when it comes to beauty, health and wellbeing. That’s why we created Lavish – as a way to give the gift of a spa gift card so the recipient can choose where they go, what treatments they get and when they use the voucher.

No more awkward moments as you book a spa that is miles from their home or somewhere they’ve been too plenty of times.

A Lavish spa gift card is around to help you give the monetary value of a spa day, without any of the difficult choices in selecting a venue.

Here are a couple of ways that you can use a spa gift card.

Spa gift cards for couples

Lavish Spa gift cards are ideal if you want your other half to appreciate the spa experience with you. If you want to give a gift to your other half, simply buy a Lavish gift card and then give it to them. Alternatively, a Lavish gift card makes a great Christmas or Anniversary present for that couple in your life – and means you only have to buy one gift instead of two!

Don’t forget that presentation is everything. Whilst your Lavish Gift card will be sent in a branded luxe envelope, you might want to hand over the gift with something else that really helps make a connection – perhaps a delicious scented candle, a pair of slippers or a

Lavish spa gift cards for hen parties and girly get togethers

If you have been stuck organizing the hen party or girly getaway, you’ll know that organizing everyone can be a real curse. One way that our customers love to use Lavish is as a simple way to get everyone together at the same venue. Simply purchase a Lavish Gift Card, browse the available spas in your area, and then one of you can check out before receiving payment afterwards. Using Lavish means that you have all the details of the spas at hand, including treatments and what’s on offer.

When it comes to treatment and relaxation choices there are a world of options including:

  • Thermal spa experience
  • Day spa bundles
  • Beauty spa treatments

Lavish spa gift cards for employees

If you want to engage and reward employees one way is to offer a Lavish Spa Gift Card. Designed to offer the treat of time away from office, pure indulgence and a moment to recuperate from working life, Lavish spa gift cards allow any employer to give a monetary value on a gift card that can be redeemed when and where the employee wants.

Whether you want to treat a whole team or want to reward sales managers or channel partners, a Lavish Gift card is the ideal way to spread some joy in the workplace!