Whether your pedicure is on point or if you’re in dire need of some TLC, the pressure is on to choose the right nail design for the upcoming season. Whether you love Shellac or Gel, we showcase some of the best designs and shades to take to your therapist.


Texture Trend: Matte / Glass

When it comes to textures, our beauty therapists are seeing plenty more people settle for a matte manicure. The trick is to set yourself up with a colour you already love, and then ask your therapist to apply the matte base coat afterwards, creating that non-sheen finish. The matte manicure is unforgiving compared to a shiny gel finish. High gloss look, but with short nails looks incredibly impactful. If matte isn’t right for you, why not consider glass nails?

These fruity, fun shades are applied with minimal opacity, giving a sheen to the nails. They are a lot more forgiving and last a lot longer at a glance.


Colour Trends: Metallic Green / Pink, pink, pink


Metallic nails were all over the runways in 2018, but when it comes into Autumn and Winter, take your metallics into a more festive palette.

Whilst gold and silver are classic, green and green blue metallic is the latest trend to take a look at.

If you still want the summer to last forever then look back at the biggest fashion shows and take inspiration from the houses like Moschino who were using shades of pink from soft baby pink through to flamingo pink. It might not feel autumnal, but it’s still on trend to choose pink!

Source: Stay Glam


Nail art trend: Half-moons & cut outs / reversed tips

Source: Pinterest

The half-moon was a DIY favourite back in 2014, but it’s a trend that’s come back in the form of circular cut outs. Best teamed with long, strong, pointed nails, this is a look anyone can replicate.

You may also see this under the name of half dips or negative space, where the nail art is focused on the middle and tip of the nail. These cost saving designs allow you to let your cuticles grow out without that all too familiar grow out line, which is great if you can’t get to a spa that often!


The cut: Stiletto

Source: Dooby’s Nails

If you like your nails weapon grade unfriendly, you’re going to love the trend for the stiletto nail. Suited to acrylic fans, this has a much sharper cut than the almond nail with a distinct taper at the top that creates a sharp point. Not for the faint of heart!


Accent trends: Index finger accent

Source: The Beauty Bridge Connoisseur

It seems we are moving away from the ring finger, the catwalks showed black glossy gel manicures teamed with nail art on the index finger. Why not ask your spa therapist for your nail art on this finger to get bang on trend?


Up and coming trend: Geometric Prints


Geometric nails combine squares and hard lines, giving a minimalist chic look. Ask your therapist to combine your geometric nails with a colour trend – pastels and gold.