Here’s a quick look at the beauty trends that we expect to see in 2015.

The Ponytail

The world’s easiest hairstyle – and one that can disguise greasy hair – is also the secret to a younger-looking face as you face is lifted slightly by a ponytail. Ponytails can give a sleek and elegant finish to any look. Low ponies are set to rule the catwalk this year, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sandra Bullock are devotees of the sleek and simple up-do.

Negative Space Manicure

Nail ART designs are getting more sophisticated as we see the free-style hand-drawn designs being replaced by clean, geometric patterns. A strong emerging trend is negative space – where cut outs in the design show the natural nail below.

Supernatural Skin

The best investment you can make for 2015 is to book a regular facial with your local salon. This year we will see a trend towards clean, come-as-you-are skin, a sweaty post-workout flush, and the occasional smattering of freckles takes precedent over serious camouflage.

Coconut Oil

Whether you’re using it as a makeup remover or a hair mask, coconut oil packs a serious beauty punch. We expect to see coconut-based products in every beauty store aisle e.


Giving a contrast to the ‘natural look’ we expect to see playful use of accents in make up this year. These will be in metallic or neon colours and will bring highlights to accentuate facial features. Think metallic eyeliner and mascara and splashes of colour on neutral lips.

Hair Adornment

In hair we expect to see more creative use of braids, plaits and fishtails to give a done but coming undone looks. We will also see increasing use of large clips, combs and ornaments to give day-to-day hair a stylish retro feel.

High-Impact Lips

The lip of the season is rich, supersaturated, and soft around the edges and pressed on with a fingertip. We expect to see more bights – scarlet’s and Satsuma tones giving contrast to the supernatural foundation look.

Makeup as Skincare

At the end of 2014 we started to see more long-wear makeup products that boasted powerful treatments—think antioxidant-packed foundations and anti-ageing concealers. This marks a step change in the approach to make-up where previously make up was seen as the enemy – clogging pores and drying out skin, which must be removed at all costs by the end of the day. Now see make-up as the good guy – nourishing and nurturing your skin while you are wearing it.

Smoky-eyes give way to Cat-eyes

Sharpen up your pencil because bold and expressive graphic swoops around the eyes are back in fashion. Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot were the veterans of the iconic cat eye but expect to see it used widely this season. For daywear, go heavy on the eyes with a simple flick or a heavy 60s influence, but leave the rest of the face bare. At night it is a different story – striking, dramatic eyes are perfect with a bright red pout.

Butt lifts

After Kim Kardashian bared her booty for Paper Magazine cosmetic surgeons are reporting a spike in requests for butt lifts. A snip at over £10K a patient can enjoy having fat sucked from their stomach, hips, thighs and back, then injected into their buttocks. Instead of a lifetime of lunges and squats, results can be achieved by going under the knife for a few hours. But be warned – you can’t sit down for three weeks!