What is a La Stone massage?

La Stone does sound a little like a 90’s girl group, but if you see it on a treatment list, don’t be confused. La Stone is, at it’s core, a stone massage, but instead of hot stones, La Stone is a little different.


Hot Stones vs La Stone

LaStone Therapy isn’t the same as a hot stone massage, which is a generic phrase to apply to any treatment where, you guessed it, hot stones are applied to the back.  LaStone is different as it uses a set amount – 54 hot stones, 18 chilled stones, and one room temperature stone.

The system was developed by Mary Nelson in 1993 and does include more of a spiritual angle than the simple act of the stones working their magic on your tired limbs.

If that sounds a bit deep, don’t worry. It’s more an acceptance of nature and appreciation than anything too heavy going – here is their own take on the LaStone.

“Clinically, it is the application of Geo-Thermal Therapy through the use of deep penetrating heated stones alternated with chilled stones to bring about a chemical release within the body’s systems. It also balances and recharges our souls with Mother Earth and Father Sky as we each perceive their wonder.”

What happens in a LaStone massage?

You won’t be laying passively in the massage, and your therapist will speak to you about the energy of the stones and their heat and healing properties. If you can relax and breathe into it, it’s certainly rejuvenating. It’s an alternative therapy blended with the science of applying heat to a sore area – potentially, the best of both worlds, relaxing the mind and then also tending to the body.

Depending on the therapist’s level of expertise you may be treated to work with chakra balancing stones, have an introduction to the Sacred Symbols, or experience toning and drumming methods.

It may not be for everyone, but many people swear by the mental and physical benefits.


Can anyone perform a LaStone massage?

Unlike a hot stone massage, LaStone can only be performed by someone who is certified to be a LaStone therapist. The benefits of this is that you will be getting a highly qualified therapist.  The benefits for the therapist are in the heat of the stones – a LaStone massage gives their wrists a bit of a break!


The benefits of a LaStone massage

LaStone treatments are tailor made and prescriptive to each client.

Benefits include:

  • The promotion of a natural healing response within the body
  • Thermotherapy brings about healing, balance and rejuvenation.
  • The use of warm basalt stones helps to create relaxation through a combination of stone placement and massage
  • The treatment helps to restore balance on a physical level. Alternating between hot and cold flushes the body of toxins, cleanses the lymphatic system,
  • A combination of temperature through massage helps to tone muscles,
  • The application of cold temperatures helps to relieve muscular tension without the painful after effects of sports massage
  • The application of cold helps to reduces inflammation, scar tissue and promotes mobility
  • Alternating temperatures helps to releases emotions


Where to find a LaStone massage

LaStone is huge in America, having been created by a native Tuscon from Arizona. However, LaStone is now also being used in the UK and online over 25,000 therapists have been trained worldwide in LaStone principles by the founder herself. This has led to many UK spas offering the therapy. You can find them by visiting Lavish.co.uk and searching for ‘LaStone’ in our search bar.