The first time doing anything can be nerve-wracking, even something as fun and enjoyable as heading out on a spa trip! If you’ve wondered what to pack, what to tip and what to do between treatments, we can help! It’s easy when you know how, but like anything new, you have to get stuck in first.

So, let’s tackle some common spa worries.

How do you get a treatment?

It’s a good idea to book in for treatments well in advance. You can combine them but have a think about your day. You might not want an oil-based massage full of expensive essential oils to be washed off in an afternoon pool dip – so book for the afternoon instead. If you get your nails done, you won’t want to be lingering waiting for them to dry so you can eat your lunch, so think tactically! Also pick based on your health needs and any issues you have so you can see the full benefits. Sure, pretty nails are nice, but if you have a back that’s folded like a pretzel, put the money towards a massage instead.


How do you tip at the spa?  

The typical amount to tip is 20% of the price of a treatment. Typically, you can do this at the reception, as you won’t want to carry a handbag around with you. You can ask for your tip to go direct to the therapist. Another great idea is to review the spa on Facebook which Is highly valuable for their business.

What to take with you to a spa

There’s nothing worse than being underprepared, so here we take a look at what should be packed in your spa bag. You should take one large bag for your dry clothes, and a separate bag for wet wear. Robes and towels are usually provided, but there are a number of items that you should pick up. We recommend:

  • A hair brush and bobble
  • Lip balm
  • Locker coins
  • A magazine or book
  • A face mask / sheet mask for the pool
  • Moisturiser for post pool
  • Comfy clothes for the end of the day travel

What to wear to the spa

At a spa, a robe is the order of the day. Typically, you will go change immediately into a swim suit and a robe, ready to sit and enjoy the relaxation. You will leave your items in a locker and will wear the provided slippers or flip flops. Some lockers can be small, so don’t pack too heavy! You can take a book down to the pool or relaxation area and take this into your treatment. For treatments, you may disrobe completely, depending on what you go for. At some spas, guests are free to wear robes for lunch and dinner, this may not be the same everywhere, so you may like to read up on this before your visit and take something light to throw on.

Don’t come with any lotions or oils on if you intend to get a treatment or use the pool as you will need to shower off before you do so,

What to do at the spa

If you are worried about the order of things, we suggest the following

  • Start with a gym or yoga session if this is part of your plan. This will get those calories burned and all your sweat out early doors!
  • Have a light snack to refuel so you aren’t dizzy and then unwind and enjoy the steam and sauna facilities BEFORE a massage so you can help your muscles to relax.
  • You might want to shower off, then take a dip before your treatments.
  • Pick a body treatment before lunch, and any nails or beauty treatments for after lunch. You could attend these in your clothes or wear your robe if you want to continue pool side relaxation afterwards.

What happens during treatments at the spa?

If this is your first treatment, then you can expect the therapist to give you a run through of what to expect, as well as the opportunity to ask any questions or mention any injuries you may have. This may involve some paperwork – so be ready to tell all!  Your therapist will then give you instructions on what to wear and do to enjoy the treatment. When it comes to a massage you won’t have to do a Full Monty striptease – usually you’ll be left in the massage room to slip out of your robe and hoist yourself onto the table to lie on your stomach under a towel. They’ll knock on the door to see if you’re ready before coming in.

Do you have any more spa concerns? Speak to us today – we’d be happy to help!