Become a Lavish partner

Attract new customers to your business.

Its FREE to list your business on our Lavish platform and there are no upfront charges.

  • Lavish Gift Cards are used by businesses and corporate clients for employee reward and recognition and used in incentive programmes. Lavish Gift Cards are available to over 15 million U.K. employees.
  • Lavish Gift Cards are sold through many high street stores directly to consumers. Our customers are driven by a treat of a gift, not deals or discounts.
  • As a Lavish Partner you gain new clients and incremental sales as the customer normally spends more than the gift card value. You only pay a service fee on the gift card value not total sales.
  • Easy to set-up your online business profile, it just takes minutes to get your business listed in our online directory.
  • Once you have created your online account and your listing is live, you have access to your account 24hrs/7 days a week.
  • Redemption process is quick and easy.
  • No invoicing required and payment made to you within 7 working days, it is all automatic.
  • You have access to your account 24hrs a day 7 days a week

Adding your business to the Lavish platform is quick and simple….

Create an account and build your own company profile page
Complete all company information, we pay you directly, no invoicing required
E-sign a copy of our Partner Terms & Conditions
On completion on your company profile page, we then review your listing & check we have everything we need withiin 48 hours
Once approved, we make your listing live on our Partner Directory and you will receive a Welcome Pack via email with all the information you need to start accepting and redeeming Lavish Gift Cards
Once live, our customers can then find you on our Partner Directory. Our customers will contact you directly to make their booking.
When you are presented with a Lavish Gift card you log into the portal and redeem the card
On Redemption of the Gift Card, payment of the value you redeem, minus our service fee, will be paid to you directly within 7 working days.

For more information or support on becoming a Lavish partner please email us at or calling on +44 7593 877256

You can read our Partner terms and conditions here